Adjustable Length Leash
Adjustable Length Leash

Adjustable Length Leash

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This adjustable length leash is perfect for training. 

The handle is customized to your favorite print! The base color of the leash is also to your choosing. This all creates a leash that is entirely unique to your pup's personality!



Materials: nylon webbing, silver welded metal swivel hook, silver welded metal rectangle ring, clear thread, grosgrain ribbon or cotton fabric

Length: adjusts from 7 feet to 3 feet

Tips on purchasing:

  • Find what dog collar print you like most, remember the name (ex: Demi, or Red Bandana, or Lime Green Glitter)
  • Type the name of the print you want in the box provided
  • Add the leash to your cart

[The leash displayed has purple webbing and "Santorini" as the print. The "Santorini" print is currently out of stock.]