Our Story

Hello, my name is Kristin and I am the owner Dog Gone Good Looking! 

It has been a very bizarre transition to go from working 12-hour days in my closet to becoming a college student with her own website and a room in her house dedicated to Dog Gone Good Looking. A lot of the same chaos but now I have hours of “downtime” when I want to throw a ball around with Lady.

If you do not know yet, Lady is my fur-baby; an American Cocker Spaniel and she is the reason for Dog Gone Good Looking. She is even incorporated in my logo! She is the co-CEO and the trusted product tester. This little diva would chew through her collars and tags. I got tired of buying expensive, boring, non-durable collars for her. That is when I decided to save myself some money and make her own. This way I could customize her collar the way I wanted it. I was able to make it as cute as I wanted and also durable as she required. To solve the tag-chewing problem, I simple embroidered her name and my phone number on the collar. Problem solved! 


I know this is not an award show, but I do feel like this is an appropriate time to thank my family for supporting me through this crazy journey. There has been pessimism and doubt from several others but my family has always encouraged me and bailed me out of several holes I have dug for myself regarding this company. Special thanks to my loving sister and Spanky for giving me ideas and letting me give you products as “gifts.”

My loving boyfriend has stuck with me through thick and thin. All the way from helping me package orders, cut threads, stay up with me all night to keep me company, and rent an extra bedroom in the house for me just so I can use it solely for Dog Gone Good Looking. From my slow days to orders covering the floor and walls with orders, I just want to say thank you.

Lastly, this “little business” would never have grown as it has if it wasn’t for the love, and encouragement of my family & friends and the support of YOU, my awesome community. I love hearing your ideas and feedback; you truly inspire me! I promise to do my best to keep a personal relationship with my customers and create new designs & products that will make you and your pup's lives stronger and more colorful!